Make a Tug Dog Toy DIY for Free Using Old T-Shirts

This tug dog toy DIY was the most fun to make.  My sister helped me, she did the filming and I did the DIY.  We had the best time.  The best thing of all was when we gave the tug toy to the dogs, they absolutely loved it.  We had such a laugh watching them fight for the toy.  We actually made one for each of them so they don’t have to kill each other for the toy now!

 tug dog toy DIY - dogs playing 2

This tug dog toy DIY is so easy.  It’s made from old t-shirts that I cut up to make t-shirt yarn from.  All there is to learn is how to do the knots.  The knots look complicated but you will see from the video and the pictures below it is really easy.  It is like making a fat friendship bracelet!  If all else fails you can just do a three strand braid, it is probably just as good but not as strong.

So let’s get into the DIY.

What You’ll Need for a Tug Dog Toy DIY

  • 2 old T-Shirts, you can also use fleece.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

How to Make a Tug Dog Toy DIY

How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

Cut the t-shirt just under the sleeves so you are left with a rectangular tube of t-shirt material.

UPLOADING 1 / 1 – tug dog toy DIY - cut below the sleaves.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS tug dog toy DIY - cut below the sleaves

Cut a slit every 4 inches until you are 2 inches from the other edge.  It looks like the fattest fringing you have ever seen in your life!  It is easier to see from the picture below 🙂

 tug dog toy DIY - cut 4 inch slits in t-shirt

Arrange your t-shirt so it looks like a rib cage.  The piece that you haven’t cut is now front and centre.  On the top layer, cut from one side of the slit, diagonally, across to the opposite slit below.  Which is from where my scissors is to where I am pointing my index finger in the picture below.  Keep doing this all the way down.

 tug dog toy DIY -t-shirt yarn cut diagonally across

You end up with t-shirt yarn!

tug dog toy DIY - t-shirt yarn

How to Make a Square Knot Tug Dog Toy DIY

Check out the video above if you are confused.  Also let me know in the comments if the video is clear.  I can always add a slower clip of me making the square knot.

Cut 4 strands measuring 1 metre each.  Knot all the strands together at one end.

 tug dog toy DIY -knot 4 strands together

I taped mine down so they wouldn’t move when I was knotting them.

Now it’s all about the knots!  The pink t-shirt yarn is always at the top and bottom and the aqua is always right and left.  I keep them like that the entire way through the DIY.

tug dog toy DIY - yarn top bottom left and right

Bring your bottom strand up to the top.  The top strand goes down to the bottom.

tug dog toy DIY -bring top yarn to bottom and bottom yarn to top

Bring the right strand towards the left hand side, threading it through the loop on left hand side you have created with the pink yarn.  Bring the left strand towards the right, threading it through the loop on the right hand side created with the pink yarn.  You end up with a square where all the yarn is interconnected.

 tug dog toy DIY -thread left and right strands through loop

Tighten up the square knot, it will look like this.

 tug dog toy DIY - square knot not fully tightened

Knot all the way down, leaving enough yarn to finish off by knotting all 4 strands together.

UPLOADING 1 / 1 – tug dog toy DIY - finished.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS tug dog toy DIY - finished

That’s the DIY, I hope you make it because I know that in the shops dog toys are so expensive and often don’t last.  Cairo, the sandy coloured dog, is a master chewer.  You need a really strong toy to survive him.  The good news is he hasn’t managed to destroy this….. yet!

I hope you enjoyed this and if you do please subscribe and share.  If you make it send a picture.  I would love to see your gorgeous dogs playing with their new toy.  Use #procrastimake  Comment below if you would like to see more DIYs for your pets.  My uncle came up with a great idea for a cat hammock that sits on the radiator so your cat can keep toasty and warm.

Enjoy and chat soon.  Take care xx

 tug dog toy DIY - dogs playing

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