How to Make Snowflake Pom Poms Christmas Decorations

I am addicted to buying craft supplies.  Anytime balls of wool are on special I buy them. Which means I have an impressive collection of wool. Downside to that is that I have an impressive collection of wool, with nowhere to put them. So I thought what better way of using wool, without the effort of crocheting or knitting, than making snowflake pom poms!

What you’ll need to make snowflake pom poms:

How to make snowflake pom poms

  1. Wrap wool around your hand 100 times.  Top tip is to spread out your fingers so you don’t get stuck with a wool handcuff that you can’t get off!
  2. Slide wrapped wool off your hand.
  3. Cut a piece of wool around 30 cm (15 inches) long and use this to tie wrapped wool in the centre. Don’t cut off the tail because you will use this to hang your snowflake pom pom on the Christmas tree.
  4. Cut through the loops on either side of the tied wool.
  5. Trim pom pom until it looks even and fluffy.
  6. Tie the 2 tails together to hang the pom pom on the tree and cut off the excess.

I love how quick and easy it is to make a snowflake pom pom.   Obviously I don’t tell everybody this but it is exactly the same technique to make a regular pom pom as a snowflake one 🙂 So now you can make pom poms easily.

If you’re looking for something to hang your pom poms from, check out my glitter tree DIY.

Do you have any things that you are always buying or hoarding, like I am with wool?  Let me know in the comments.  If you make snowflake pom poms be sure to share them with me on Facebook or Instagram by tagging #procrastimake.

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