Sequin Wall Art – Easy DIY Wall Art Idea

To be honest, this sequin wall art is so quick and easy, I almost feel guilty sharing it as a DIY.  Maybe I should call it a hack?

I needed something to make my guest bedroom look slightly less bare because I had visitors coming.  So I came up the idea for this sequin wall art, which I made in a hurry because if I don’t leave everything to the last minute, who am I??!!  It took almost no time at all and I had all of the materials in my craft drawer.

I love how it turned out.  It adds a great pop of colour to the walls and as a fan of sparkles and sequins, I’m couldn’t be happier!

Supplies for Sequin Wall Art

  • Canvas
  • Acrylic paint
  • Masking tape
  • Tacky Glue
  • Sequins (Loose)
  • Paintbrush

Method for Sequin Wall Art

Paint your canvas with the base colour of your choice, I chose aqua.  Leave it to dry.

Sequins wall art painted canvas

When the paint is dry, use the masking tape to create a pattern.  You could use a pattern like I did or a geometric pattern would look great too.

sequins wall art- masking tape

Cover the canvas with the tacky glue, I did one half of the canvas at a time because I was paranoid about the glue drying before I had a chance to stick the sequins on.

Sequins Wall art- glue on canvas

Sprinkle the sequins over the glued area as thick as you would like it.  Repeat on the other half.

Sequins Wall Art-sprinkle sequins

When you have the canvas totally covered in glue and sequins, remove the masking tape.  Don’t wait until everything is dry as your lines won’t be crisp and it will be more difficult to remove.

Leave your sequin wall art to dry and you are done!  I told you it was easy and quick!

Sequins Wall Art-remove masking tape

If you make this sequin wall art or you have any other DIY wall art ideas be sure to share it with me on my social medias with the #Procrastimake.  You never know, we could be so inspired that we won’t have a bare wall left in our houses!

Sequins Wall art finished

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