My Favourite DIY Crafts of the Week

weekly round up

I am starting a weekly round up of my favourite crafts from the week. I go through the internet and find you the best crafts each week.  You can then have a think about what crafts you want to make, if any, at the weekend.

Sorry I haven’t posted last week. I have been working on getting my lighting better and I became a bit, a lot obsessed.  I tried to make my own studio lights.  It didn’t work. I admitted defeat today and bought a studio lighting set from Amazon.  A big thanks to my photographer friend Anna, who told me which one to buy.

Never mind about that, happy Thursday!  Here are some DIYs that you can be dreaming about making this weekend.

  1. This rustic tree branch table DIY from Angela Marie made is amazing.  I am sitting here trying not to gush at how awesome it is.  I love it (in case you couldn’t tell!!).  I think people would pay a lot of money for a table like this.  Even if you are not a big DIYer the tutorial is actually really clear.  I am going to be on the lookout for branches for the legs from now on.
  2. Mountain Advent calendar with free printables from Mama is Dreaming.  This is really cute, and you could use the mountain background all year round.  What I love about this advent calendar is it is not all about sweets.  She has included little activities for each day, so you can get into the Christmas spirit.
  3. Berry Christmas card from White House Crafts.  This card is really easy but it looks really chic.  It is just glitter glue and cards.
  4. Marbled votive DIY from A Beautiful Mess.  Fact: marbling anything makes it look great!  It’s just nail polish, a bit of science (okay water but science sounds better!) and clear votives.
  5. DIY Spa Facial from Hello Glow.  If you are in anyway interested in natural beauty products, you should visit Hello Glow.  It is brilliant site.
  6. Printable 3D Christmas tree DIY from Persia Lou.  I remember making 3D Christmas tree’s at school, they didn’t look as sophisticated as these do.

Do you have a favourite?   Let me know in the comments below.  I am going to make the berry Christmas card, I love how quick and easy it is.  Plus, I have loads of glitter glue.

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