Lace Crown DIY: How to Make a Princess Crown

When I was younger all I wanted to be was a princess. I obviously read way too many fairytales! I wanted the castle, Prince Charming, talking teapots, animals helping me with chores and, of course, glass slippers. So life┬ádidn’t work out exactly as I pictured it, so for now I will have to settle for this beautiful lace crown DIY.

Lace Crown DIY finished

Supplies for Lace Crown DIY

  • Lace – cotton lace works the best but you can use any lace
  • Measuring tape
  • Cling film
  • Bowl that is the same diameter as your head
  • PVA white glue
  • *Optional: disposable gloves
  • Plastic container (cleaned out food container)
  • Fabric flowers
  • Glitter
  • Hot glue gun

Method for Lace Crown DIY:

Measure the circumference of your head or whoever’s head you are making the crown for. Add 1 cm allowance to the circumference for gluing it together and cut out the lace to this length.

In a plastic container mix PVA white glue and water in the ratio 4:1. You just need enough water to loosen the white glue. Put on your gloves because this is messy. Put the lace into the PVA mix and really work it into the lace.

 Lace Crown DIY-SaturateLace in White Glue

Wrap clingfilm around the bowl – remember the bowl should be approx. the same diameter as you want the crown to be. I also wrapped a board in clingfilm to catch any of the PVA white glue drips.

 Lace Crown DIY - Bowl wrapped w clingfilm

When the lace is totally saturated with PVA white glue, wrap it around the bowl. Leave it in a warm place to dry completely, mine took 24 hours.

Lace crown DIY- glue soaked lace wrapped around bowl

When it is dry take it off the bowl. There may be some strings of glue, just pick them off.

Hot glue the flowers to the crown and I also hot glued the join of the crown, to reinforce it.

 Lace Crown DIY - Hot glue flowers

You can also paint the lace, add a layer of glue and sprinkle glitter etc. I added glitter, it got everywhere and was a nightmare to clean up, but I am a sucker for sparkles!

 DIY Lace Crown Finished

Now you are finished, you have one lace crown. Now you just need some subjects to boss around and Prince Charming, of course!

Who was your favourite fairy tale Princess? Mine was Belle from Beauty and the Beast, although I am not sure she was technically a princess!

I hope you give this a try and share your lace crown DIY with me on social media use the hashtag #Procrastimake

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