How to Paint Your Own Cute, Patterned Yoga Mat

So I am on a new keep fit regime. Yep, I am going to be a fitness fanatic!!! Well I am going to try to be a fitness fanatic! To help motivate me (and so I could procrastinate!) I went out and bought some cute workout clothes. Then I had to procrastimake. So I got creative and painted my old yoga mat, it is now a cute, patterned, painted yoga mat!

I can already hear you thinking, “yeah but will the paint come off on my clothes?”.  Or “will the paint crack?”.  I know this because I was wondering the same thing.  I finally have nice, pretty workout clothes and I didn’t want to ruin them!! So I did my research and I found out that acrylic paint works perfectly for painting yoga mats.  It doesn’t rub off or crack.  I used non-toxic acrylic paint to paint the yoga mat, because toxins and yoga don’t go well together! I have been using my painted mat ever since and it’s perfect.

I think the paint doesn’t come off or crack because the yoga mat soaks up the acrylic paint so the paint is in the yoga mat as opposed to sitting on top of the yoga mat. That is just a theory but I am sticking to it!

The biggest bonus of painting my yoga mat is that it has made the yoga mat more non slip.

Obviously you can paint on any pattern or design you want.  The below instructions are for the pattern I went with, “And Breath”. I am hoping it will serve as a reminder to breathe into my exercises and to take a minute and breathe in my day to day life.

What you’ll need to make a painted yoga mat

  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Yoga mat
  • Masking tape

How to make a painted yoga mat

For the written part, “And Breathe” use the masking tape to make two lines that are 15 cm or 6 inches tall.


Then find the centre of the mat and put a small piece of masking tape to mark it.


I like to start in the centre with the middle letter of the word e.g.  the “n” in “And”.  This ensures that you have each word perfectly aligned.  A quick tip is to write down the phrase on a piece of paper to copy so you don’t misspell a word.  You can go back over the lettering when you are finished and add flourishes.


On the bottom right hand side start free handing flourishes.  I wanted it to look like your breath.  As nobody knows what breath looks like just go for it!  I did it very lightly at first and then I went back over it and darkened up the lines.


Let the mat dry and you are ready to go!

 Painted yoga mat finished close up

The only bad thing about having finished the painted yoga mat is that I have no more excuses to procrastinate my keep fit regime! I, genuinely, was thinking of painting a design on the other side of the yoga mat. Now maybe you can see why I called the website procrastimake!

Anybody else on a new keep fit regime? Let me know how it is going? We need to support each other.

If you try this DIY I would love to see photos of yours, you can tag me on Instagram and Facebook using #procrastimake
Namaste xx

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