How to Make a Gorgeous Glitter Christmas Tree

Last January I was shopping the sales for Christmas decorations that were on sale.  I saw a pink glitter Christmas tree and fell in love.  It was so sparkly.  Then I saw the price tag – 200 euros!  I knew I had to DIY it.  In the end it cost me the grand total of 2 euros to make so I am not sure how they came up with the price tag of 200 euros!

As usual I am going to say how easy and quick this DIY is but if you have read any of my other blog post you will know I am always saying that.  I definitely don’t want to bore you by repeating the same stuff over and over again.  I am trying to make crafts that are easy and fun for everybody.  I want people to enjoy the process of making something from scratch.  And then, have something you are really proud of at the end.  I am so proud of my glitter Christmas tree, it’s ridiculous.  Not because I came up with the idea but because I loved making it.  I loved making the decorations for it.  Also because it just so damn sparkly!!

Enough of my philosophical musing on crafting.  Let’s get making:

Supplies for glitter Christmas tree

Method for glitter Christmas tree

Go out and cut some branches.  Make sure they are dry before you start to paint them.


Mix glitter and PVA glue (white glue) in equal quantities.  This is the best, cleanest way to apply glitter to anything, it.  I used to hate using glitter because it’s so messy, until I discovered this method.


Paint the glitter glue on to the branches.  Do one thick layer.


Leave the branches to dry and give it another coat if it needs it.


Optional: join the branches together at the base with wire.  Fill the vase with sand or stones, this helps the glitter tree stand up straight and adds some weight so it doesn’t topple over. Stick the glitter Christmas tree in the vase and your done!


I don’t know if you can see just how sparkly this tree is in the video.  It’s really eye catching.  I already know I’m never taking it down. I am going to use it all year round.  If you do make the tree share some photos with me using the #Procrastimake

If you like to see more inexpensive Christmas DIYs check out this Christmas wreath made from bin bags!   Trust me, it looks way nicer than it sounds 🙂


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