Faux Mosaic DIY Photo Frame: Under €10

I have no photos up in my house because I have so few nice photos of family and friends.  I hate taking photos at parties and meetups. My mam says it is because I am afraid of missing any of the fun.  That is probably true!

So with great intentions I bought some cheap photo frames with a plan to make them look expensive.  My thinking is that once I have a lovely DIY photo frame I will have to gather nice photos and get around to printing them out and hanging them up.

Or do the usual thing and put them to the back of a drawer and forget about them!  Again with the procrastination!! Does anybody else do that?? I  am ashamed to say I have a huge box of DIYs that are not finished.

Faux Mosaic DIY Photo Frame Supplies

  • Photo frame with flat surface on the frame
  • Acrylic paint
  • PVA white glue
  • Glitter
  • Paintbrushes

Faux Mosaic DIY Photo Frame Method

Take the glass and photos from your photo frame.  Make sure that your frame is clean and dust free.

 Faux Mosaic DIY Photo Frame- Remove glass

Then, with a paint brush and a supply of acrylic paint, start painting random patches of different colour paint all over your frame.

It is supposed to be a mosaic, which is essentially a jumble of broken tiles, so you don’t need to be too exact about it.  Just enjoy being a bit messy.  Actually kids would probably be brilliant at this. Do this until the entire frame is covered.

 Faux Mosaic DIY Photo Frame- Painting 1

Faux Mosaic DIY Photo Frame-Painting 2

aux Mosaic DIY Photo Frame-Painting 3

Wait for the paint to dry.

 Faux Mosaic DIY Photo Frame-Painting 4

Next is the messy part but it is worth it.  Working in small sections glue around the edges of each “mosaic piece”/ patch of paint.  If your glue bottle tip is thin enough you can trace around the patches directly from the glue bottle.   My glue was coming out in a big sloppy mess so I used a thin paintbrush.  A lesson I learned is to make sure to apply the glue in thick lines as the glitter adheres better.

 Faux Mosaic DIY Photo Frame- Adding glue

While the glue is still wet pour the glitter over it. Shake off the excess glitter. Do this until you have finished the entire piece.

 Faux Mosaic DIY Photo Frame- Adding glitter

When everything has dried, use a soft dry brush to get any excess glitter off.

Now you need to seal the glitter in place. I use white glue or PVA glue to do this because it is cheap and I have a ginormous bottle of it but if you have an acrylic sealer or modge podge they will work too.

For sealing I mix white glue with some water until I get a non whipped cream consistency – about 3 parts glue to 1 part water. Paint on a generous amount on to the frame, don’t worry if it looks milky it will dry clear.

*PVA is not waterproof so only use a soft dry cloth when cleaning the frame in the future.

 Faux Mosaic Photo Frame DIY- Glitter close up

So this the finished photo frame DIY.  What do you think?  Would you give this a try at home?  If you make it, please send me some photos.  I would love to see them.  Also let me know in the comments below if you also have a box of DIY projects left unfinished??

 Faux Mosaic DIY Photo frame finished

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