Fairy Garden – Award Winning Magic of Kindness Garden at Bloom 2017

As you may know we have been busy here.  Last month we had a Postcard Garden at Bloom Flower Show and we won a distinction!!   The garden was a fairy garden, called the Magic of Kindness, it was about how being kind to others and ourselves brings magic into everyone’s day.  It was an amazing experience.  Grainne from Shannon Orchard landscaped the garden and I and a whole team of helpers made all the crafts.  The nicest thing about it was how kind people were with their time and donations.

fairy garden bloom 2017
Magic of Kindness Garden in Bloom 2017

Ardcarne Garden Centre sponsored the flowers, the plant list is here. Donal, is a boat builder and he made a wishing well that is an upturned toadstool.  PJ, my step dad, made a beautiful wattle fence and archway and he made the cutest wishing chair.  Grainne painted the most fabulous backdrop of a fairy forest and Cuprinol sponsored the paint. Michael made an adorable fairy house.  My local ICA, Longford Federation ICA, made fairy doors, fairies and they even made fairy clothes lines.  We had a great time getting it all ready.   And I am still amazed at the generosity, creativity and fun that everyone brought to the garden.  It really was magical.

fairy garden fairy with bee
True Love: Fairy and Bee
fairy garden bloom 2017 mushroom house
Toadstool House

When we got to Bloom, PJ entertained all the children and the young at heart with stories about the fairies.  We also had beautiful prizes for visitors to our garden sponsored by Loughrea Hotel and Spa, Glasson Country House Hotel & Golf Club, Torc, St. Mel’s Brewing Company, Spirit Clothing and Spirit 3.

fairy garden pj entertaining the crowds with stories
PJ Entertaining

My favourite thing that happened was that we had a wishing well in the garden and people at Bloom started throwing coins into it to make wishes.  I don’t know why but I had not even considered that would happen.  We ended up raising 1,132 euros which we have donated to Funds for St. Therese’s Children’s Ward, Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe.    They are going to use the money to create a fun space for the very sick children that need to go into Isolation Units in the ward.

fairy garden bloom 2017 meeting the President and Sabina
Meeting President Michael D. Higgins and Sabina

To continue with the theme of small acts of kindness creating magic in people’s day, we donated the entire garden to St. Therese’s Children’s Ward in Ballinasloe.  We changed the design of the garden as we had more space and we wanted to make the garden more interactive.

Fairy garden finished
Magic of Kindness Garden in Portiuncula

We had to find space to house all the fairies that moved in so we added a fairy trail for the children to explore.

Fairy garden - fairy trail sign
Fairy Trail this way

The maintenance team at the hospital crafted a beautiful maple leaf wishing chair for the garden and they were an amazing helping us to install the garden.

fairy garden fairy wishing chair
Wishing Chair Made by Portiucula Maintenance Team

When we were installing the garden we had lots of visits from children that were in hospital, nurses, patients etc. It was so sweet.  One child came down three time and asked us when we were going home because she wanted to go into the garden and look properly!!!  We overheard another child who was so delighted to be on a sleepover in the hospital because there were so many fairies at the hospital!  It really was lovely to see the children full of wonder, excitement and awe.  It really was more than we could have ever imagined.

fairy garden - Fairy Door
Portiuncula Fairy Trail

What do you think?  Have you created a fairy garden?  Share some images of your fairy garden using #Procrastimake  Don’t forget to comment below if you would like to see some DIYs of fairy furiture, fairy clothes line or fairy houses.  For more details on the journey to Bloom check this out.

fairy garden houses
Fairy Houses

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