How to make a Magical Fairy Door: DIY Fairy Doors

A few months ago, my friend Edel came up with the idea for making DIY fairy doors.  She told me how she was out for a walk in woods near where she lives when her kids found a fairy door.  They just couldn’t believe their luck to have found a REAL fairy house!  They were so excited, they spent ages hunting for more fairy doors.

Her story really got me thinking about how children find the world so magical.  It’s such a pity that we can lose that as we grow up.  I hope these DIY fairy doors will give us a little sprinkling of magic back in our lives!  I really loved making them.   They would be perfect to make with your kids and they could decorate them however they wanted.

 DIY fairy door - finished

What you’ll need to make DIY Fairy Doors

  • Popsicle (lolly pop) sticks
  • Garden secateurs – these cut the sticks so easily
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Acrylic paint
  • Dimensional paint
  • Clear varnish (optional)
  • Brass button
  • Wire cutters
  • Fairy dust (optional)

How to make DIY Fairy Doors

For the straight fairy door:  Line up 7 lolly pop sticks.  Hot glue them together with 2 lolly pop sticks cut to size to fit across them horizontally, use a garden secateurs, they make cutting the sticks so easy.

DIY fairy door -gluing door togethe

For the arched fairy door: Line up 7 lolly pop sticks in an arched shape.  Hot glue them together as above.  Straighten the bottom of the fairy door with a sharp craft knife or secateurs.

 DIY fairy door - making arched door

Paint the fairy door with acrylic paint and let it dry.

DIY fairy door - painting doors

Get creative with the dimensional paint and decorate the fairy door.  I would recommend practicing on a piece of scrap card first.  They don’t need to be complicated designs -I drew a heart on one with dots around it.  On the other door I made flowers using dots.  Leonardo da Vinci I am not!!

UPLOADING 1 / 1 – DIY fairy door - yellow door decoration.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS DIY fairy door - yellow door decoration

For the hinges use your hot glue gun to run a short, straight line of glue where you want the hinges to go.  When the hot glue has set, paint the hot glue “hinges” with black paint or nail varnish.  *In the video I did this step later but, in hindsight, it is better to do this before varnishing so the black paint is sealed.*

 DIY fairy door - painting hinges black

If your fairy door is going to be outside make it weatherproof with a coat of clear varnish on both sides.

DIY fairy door - apply clear varnish

For the door knob: remove the wire loop off the back of the brass button. Hot glue a small piece of lolly pop stick where you want the door knob to go.  Then glue the brass button to this.  You can, obviously, glue the button straight on to the door but adding the extra piece makes the door knob more 3D.

DIY fairy door - gluing on door knob

Now you have made your very own DIY fairy door.  All you have to do now is to decide where to put it.  For the video, I set my ones up inside.  I used blue tack to keep them in place.  I put out sequins around thee doors and buttons as stepping stones.  I had some butterfly wall decals I got from Ikea to put around the fairy doors.  From the off cuts of the lolly pop sticks, I made a signpost.

I love the idea that your fairy can communicate with your kids by a simple post it on the wall.  It is just all so cute.  I loved making these, let me know if you would like to see some more DIY fairy door accessories.

 DIY fairy door -finished 2

My fairy doors will be moving again soon, to surprise two gorgeous kids that love hunting for fairy doors!

If you make these DIY fairy doors be sure to use the #procrastimake I would love to see how you decorate them and where they end up.

how to make a fairy door- pinterest size image

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