How to Make Beautiful DIY Fairies from Artificial Flowers

My really good news is that I applied and got a postcard garden at Bloom.  It is going to be a fairy garden so expect a lot of fairy themed DIYs over the next couple of weeks.  I’m really excited.  I hope that you can come to visit me in Bloom, that would be so cool to meet everyone.  I will be there every day.  I have a wedding on Saturday so I will be there in the morning, with my hair and makeup done!

The theme of the garden is the magic of kindness: being kind to each other, ourselves and the environment.   I find it is often so easy to be kind to other people but we struggle to be kind to ourselves.   It is so important to spend that time to be in the moment, make things and not be worried about the future or the past.  Those moments, even if they are short are really important because we are just so busy all of the time.  I hope that you get a chance to make some of the fairy garden DIYs and enjoy having the time out to create.

The first thing you need if you are making a DIY fairy garden are…….DIY fairies!!  These are the cutest little things.  You use artificial flowers as the skirt.  They would look gorgeous hung on this DIY glitter tree.

DIY fairies - DIY Fairy on a tree

Did I tell you  that I have lots of people helping me to make the DIYs for the garden.  We had a class making these DIY fairies the other night and we had so much fun.  They are so easy to make.  They all brought some home to make more.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have all that help.

What you”ll need to make DIY fairies

  • Wire – 20 gauge
  • Wooden beads- 2 cm (3/4 inch) long
  • Embroidery thread (floss)
  • Wool (yarn)
  • Artificial flowers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Flat nosed pliers
  • Hot glue
  • Hot glue gun

How to make DIY fairies

Cut 30 inches (60 cm) of wire.

To make the hair wrap wool (yarn) around your hand 20 times. Cut it at one end so you have 20 individual strands of wool/fairy hair.  I also used little artificial flowers as crowns instead of hair for some of the fairies.  To do this make a loop with the wire and add some hot glue to make sure the wooden bead stays in place.  Sorry I have no photos of this.  Let me know in the comments and I can add them if you prefer?

DIY fairies - make fairy hair

Fold the wire in half. Place the fairy hair through the loop. Thread the wooden bead on to the wire. Push it up to the top to meet the hair and use a dab of hot glue to hold it in place.

DIY fairies - make fairy head

To get the hair to sit nicely, I hot glued in a C shape at the back of the bead and then I smoothed the hair on to the glue.

DIY fairies - hot glue hair in place

Twist the wire a few times to make a neck. You don’t want the neck too long or too short, about 2-3 twist should be enough.

To make the arms, start with the two legs of the wire straight down. So you have no arms just a really, really long neck! Where you have stopped twisting the neck hold out one piece of wire at a right angle to the other. Measure 1 inch and fold the wire back on to itself. Bring this wire behind the back of the other piece of wire. Repeat on the other side. Now you have two arms.

DIY fairies - make fairy arms

You can tighten the arms with a pliers. If the arms are slightly lopsided, don’t worry you can even them up when you are making the bodice by adding more bulk to one side.

Make another few twists for the body of the fairy, approx 4 or 5 twists.

DIY fairies - twist wire to create fairy body
To make the bodice wrap the body, across the shoulders and arms with embroidery thread. Make sure to leave a tail so that you can tie the thread off at the end. You can dab the knot with clear nail varnish to stop the thread from fraying.

DIY fairies - embroidery thread bodice

Artificial flowers have layers of petals. Pop out your artificial flowers to separate the petals. This is way easier to do than I thought it would be! To make the skirt, thread the petals through the wire. Put a dab of hot glue under the skirt to hold it in place. Add as many layers as you would like.

DIY fairies - hot glue flower skirt in place

For the feet; use your metal cutter to cut the two wires to the same length. Use your round nose pliers to create a loop. With your flat nosed pliers grab the loop and bend the loop towards you, repeat until you have a spiral.  This  tutorial for making a spiral might be helpful.

DIY fairies - creating loop for spiral feet

DIY fairies - spiral feet w flat nosed pliers


I tried to paint a face on one of the fairies and she looked like a demon so I decided they were better faceless.  If you would like a face, go for it!

To hang the fairy I threaded nylon thread through the fairies hair.

DIY fairies - DIY Fairy on a tree

So this is your little fairy.  I absolutely love them.  When they were done, I hung them outside to take a video of them and I was, actually, shocked by how pretty they are!  Now all you need is a DIY fairy door to go with your fairy!

DIY fairies - DIY Fairy holding hands

If you make these DIY fairies be sure to tag me #Procrastimake on Facebook and Instagram so I can share them.

Next week we are going to make fairy houses!  Let me know if there are any other fairy themed DIYs you want to see.

Have a great week x

DIY fairies - DIY Fairy on a tree with small artificial flower crown
How to make a fairy pinterest image

4 thoughts on “How to Make Beautiful DIY Fairies from Artificial Flowers

  1. i started making fairies this last weekend. today is Monday and I haven’t had a chance to do anything with them
    today.I am loving them they are so much fun. I have a lot planned for a fairy garden this summer I can’t wait to get started.

  2. I havent stated making faity dolls yet. Im at the craft store now buying supplies i need cant wait to get started.

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