Cutest DIY Easter Decorations Ever- Toilet Paper Roll Craft

How does Easter sneak up on you?!! They have been pretty much advertising it  in the shops since Christmas, well probably Valentine’s Day!  I just realised yesterday that Easter is coming up tomorrow.  Which is great because we have a few days off but not great because I have this really cute DIY Easter decorations video.  I should have shared it last week….oops!!!

All these decorations are made from empty toilet paper rolls.  I collect toilet paper rolls because they are free and the crafting possibilities are endless.  I have made a gorgeous star wall decoration and quick and easy gift boxes from toilet paper rolls.

DIY Easter decorations -hanging on tree


The Easter decorations are a bunny, a sheep and a chicken/egg.  The chicken/egg guy is so comical looking.  I think he is my favourite.  Let me know in the comments which is your favourite?

Speaking of eggs, this year I am trying to be good so I told everyone not to buy me an Easter egg.  Ahhh, why did I do that??!!!  I saw some lovely Easter eggs in the shops, you know the deluxe ones that look soooo good.  I think I may  have made a huge mistake warning everyone off buying me some!!

Anyway back to the DIY, have a watch of the video above.  For me, I prefer videos to get the hang of a craft, if you prefer to read… keep on scrolling down!!

What you’ll need for the DIY Easter decorations

  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue
  • Pink Buttons for bunny noses – large
  • Cotton Wool
  • Pipe cleaners – black, white and orange
  • Cardstock – black, white and orange
  • Googly eyes
  • Pom poms- yellow

How to make DIY Easter decorations

**I use hot glue because it’s quick drying but if you are doing this with kids white glue will work.  With white glue, use clothes pegs (pins) to hold the pieces together while the glue dries.**

First step is to measure and cut the empty toilet paper rolls into 1 cm pieces.  I used 4 toilet paper rolls to make three of each of the Easter decorations.

DIY Easter decorations - cut toilet paper roll into 1 cm pieces

Bunny DIY Easter decorations

To make bunny ears flatten down 2 toilet paper roll pieces.  For the forehead of the bunny cut another toilet paper roll piece in half.

DIY Easter decorations - bunny ears and head

The bunny cheeks are a toilet paper piece hot glued together in the middle so it makes a figure 8.

DIY Easter decorations - make bunny cheeks

Hot glue everything together.

DIY Easter decorations -glue ears on to bunny

Next cut a 1.5cm strip of white cardstock for the buck teeth.  Hot glue the “teeth” to the midpoint of the cheeks.  Add two sets of whiskers.  These are made from 4 cm of white pipe cleaners folded in half.DIY-Easter-decorations-glue-button-on-to-bunny

Now glue the large button on top of the whiskers and hot glue the googly eyes to the top of the button.  Don’t glue the eyes to the middle or else he will look weird- I speak from experience!!

DIY Easter decorations -bunny

Sheep DIY Easter decorations

Glue the cotton wool on to the edge of the toilet roll piece.  You can trim the cotton wool then, mine looked very lopsided.

DIY Easter decorations - glue cotton wool on to sheep

Cut out your sheep legs.  They are 4 cm of black pipe cleaner folded in half.  Hot glue them into place.  I know this sheep only has two legs, what can I say, he had a hard life!!DIY Easter decorations - glue legs and cotton wool on to sheep

For the face, I folded the black card stock in half and I cut out a sheep head.  It is, basically, a half an oval with some ears to the side.  I traced it on to the card stock a few times so that all the sheep faces are the same.

DIY Easter decorations - Sheep face cut out

In the video, I glued the face straight on to the cotton wool.  If I was doing it again I would glue everything on to the face and then glue it on.

For the mouth you need 2 cm of white pipe cleaner folded in half, the nose is a little heart and then your googly eyes.

DIY Easter decorations - sheep

Chicken DIY Easter decorations

For the body you need one piece of toilet paper roll. For the wing cut a piece in half, hot glue the cut pieces together.  Then hot glue the wing on to the side of the body.DIY Easter decorations -glue legs on to chicken

Cut out your beak out of orange card.  It is 1 cm wide by 3 cm long. Fold it in half and glue it to the side of the body.

Add a dab of glue at the top of the beak, where it hits the body and put your googly eye there.

The chicken legs are made from 6 cm of orange pipe cleaner.  Fold in half and turn up little chicken feet.  Hot glue in place.DIY Easter decorations - glue pompom on chicken

For the head, cut a pom pom in half.  It will start to unravel so put a dab of hot glue on the head and then remove any of the extra strands.  I found the full pom pom was too high but if you have little pom poms it will probably be easier.


DIY Easter decorations - Chicken

So that’s the DIY Easter decorations.  I just strung them up using fishing wire.  I love fishing wire for this as you can’t see it so you don’t have to be neat!

If you make these decorations I would love to see a picture use #Procrastimake to share it with me.

I have really exciting news.  I have been accepted to have a tiny, little garden at a big flower show in Ireland, Bloom.  The garden is 2 metres by 3 metres and it is going to be a fairy garden.  Expect lots of fairy DIYs coming up and I need help so any fairy decorations you would like to make and send it to me I would love that.  I am going to start looking to see about prizes.  I have been making a pinterest board for ideas for the fairy garden  check it out.  Also follow me on Pinterest, I’m addicted so I pin lots of great DIYs.

Have a lovely Easter.  I love Easter, it is a lovely time to spend with your family.  Enjoy every second of it xx

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