Vintage-Look Lace DIY Earring Holder-That Takes Less Than10 Minutes To Make

This beautiful lace DIY earring holder could also be used as a wall decoration on its own.  I have a lot of earrings so I needed an earring holder!  It is vintage inspired, I’m not sure that vintage home decor is still in fashion??  But I love vintage, bring back vintage!  I also love that modern, minimalist decor too, like this marble wall clock DIY.  This DIY lace heart is so easy and it looks expensive.  I think it would be a beautiful DIY gift.   i have seen this on etsy and other shops where they just use the lace heart as a wall decoration so it’s up to you how you use it.

This is super easy and it didn’t cost me anything because I had everything at home.  Let’s get into it.

What you’ll need for the lace heart DIY earring holder

  • Lace
  • Wire hanger
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Optional: artificial flowers to decorate

How to make lace heart DIY earring holder

Bend your wire hanger into a heart shape.  The easiest way is to find the midpoint of the wire hanger and create the point of the heart.

You can use a pliers but I found using my hands was easier and created softer lines. The trick to working with wire is to bend it further than you want it to sit. This trains the wire. Then bring the wire back to where you want it.

DIY lace heart - bend wire hanger into heart shape

Next step is to glue the lace to the wire hanger. Make sure you have the right side of the lace at the front of the heart. Then fold the lace to the back and glue it in place.  A tip here is to try to get the hot glue on the wire hanger only.  Also stretch out the lace tightly across the heart.  If you don’t when you hang the earrings the whole thing will sag- sagging is rarely a good look 🙂
DIY lace heart - hot glue lace to back of wire heart 1

Cut away the excess lace away along the edges and if you need anymore glue add this now.

DIY lace heart- cut away excess lace

DIY lace heart

If you want to add any flowers or decorate the heart, hot glue them in place.

DIY lace heart - hot glue on artificial flowers

Now all you need is to find somewhere to hang your lace heart DIY earring holder.  It is sooo pretty! I am planning to make a few and give them away as gifts.  If you are looking for some other lace gift ideas, check out this pretty lace crown DIY.

I love when people make DIYs and add their own touches to them.  Let me know in the comments below how you would decorate your lace heart? If you make this, I would love to see your pictures on #Procrastimake

Have a great week X

3 thoughts on “Vintage-Look Lace DIY Earring Holder-That Takes Less Than10 Minutes To Make

    1. Hi Carol, I have made this earring holder for my aunt, my step mother, friends of family etc. It is such an easy and quick present. I hope your mum liked it xx

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