Stunning DIY Christmas Wreath Made from Bin Bags

Who would ever believe that this DIY Christmas wreath is actually made from bin bags and a wire hanger?!  This DIY started when I bought the wrong size bin bags.   The last thing the world needs is more plastic bags  so I came up with this easy wreath idea.

Supplies for DIY Christmas wreath

How to make DIY Christmas Wreath

1. Bend wire hanger into a circle.


2. Trim off the bottom and the handle of the plastic bags.  Without unfolding the bags, cut the bag into inch strips, as per the photo below.

Plastic bag cutting lines

3. Trim off the edges of these strips and you end up with 1 X 5 inch strips.  This is my top tip, it makes it so much quicker to cut up the strips.

trim off edges of 1 inch strips

1 X 5 inch strips

3. Knot each strip on to the hanger.  Keep cutting and knotting until you can’t see any of the wire circle.  To make the wreath look really full, push the knotted strips together tightly.  It is the perfect thing to do while watching a movie.

Knot strips on to hanger

4. When your wreath is done, fluff it out and trim off any sticky-out bits.

5. Lastly, add flowers to the wreath by wrapping them around the wreath.  You can also use hot glue to do this.  I wrap them so I can change up wreath whenever I want.


Did you know a DIY Christmas wreath is not just for Christmas?  I use the wreath for different holidays too.  At Easter, I put rabbit ears on it and a rabbit’s tail (pink pom pom).  For Halloween, I attach lots of plastic spiders for a creepy feel.  If you make the wreath please send me pictures using the #Procrastimake I would love to see all the different way you decorate it.

DIY Halloween wreath

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Stunning DIY Christmas Wreath Made from Bin Bags

  1. You came up with this? My sisters made these way back in the 70s. We had lost our oldest brother that previous July and my parents were not at all into Christmas. In am attempt to chear them up and have a decent Christams for my brother and I ( we were much younger) they did these to decorate our doors. They added a string of those then “new fangled” small lights and they we’re beautiful!

    1. Frances, I love that your sisters made these to create a nice Christmas for your family in your time of grieving. They sound like amazing women.

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