How to Make an Intricate Christmas Star from Toilet Paper Roll

I know what you are thinking.  Toilet paper rolls!  Does Jasmine only go through her bin for craft ideas!!  What can I say, I am a fan of recycling!  I had seen toilet paper roll stars before.  I started playing around with making them.  As I was having a play, I realised you can make really ornate looking shapes really easily.  So this is where my Christmas star idea came from.  You can either follow the whole pattern or make smaller stars for Christmas tree decorations.  Or better yet, make the star and use the leftovers for Christmas tree decorations.

Just in case you are worried, when you have finished the star nobody will ever guess that it the Christmas star is made from toilet paper rolls.  There is nothing that a bit of paint and some glitter can’t beautify!


Supplies for Christmas star

Method to make Christmas Star

Measure and cut toilet paper rolls into 1/2 inch pieces.


Paint or spray paint the pieces of toilet paper rolls.  Don’t forget to do the inside!


Let’s start making the shapes.


Flatten the pieces of toilet paper roll to make a petal shape.  You need 25 of these.

christmas-star-petal shape


Flatten a piece of toilet paper roll, take the two ends and bend them together.  You should have a shape that resembles two small leaves.  You need 10 of these.


Love hearts:

Flatten a piece of toilet paper roll, cut through one end so you have V shape.  Using the bamboo skewer to help you, roll a spiral inwards.   Roll it around the skewer once to make one side of the curve of the love heart.  repeat on the other side.  You need 5 of these, they should be approximately the same height.


Billy goat horns:

This is exactly the same as the love hearts except you roll the spiral outwards.  You need 5 of these.



Flatten a strip of toilet paper roll and cut through one end so you have one long strip.  Using the bamboo skewer roll it twice to create a bigger spiral.  You need 10.


Now you need to get glittering.  Pour some glitter of your choice on a paper plate and some PVA glue.  Paint glue on the top rim of the shapes, dip the glued rim into glitter, shake off the excess and leave to dry.

***When glittering the flourish shape make sure you have 5 with the spiral facing left and 5 with the spiral facing left.**


Now the fun begins.  It’s time to use your glue gun to glue everything together.  Look at the pictures to see how everything fits together.  When you are done gluing everything, pick off those pesky glue threads.  You can then glue gemstones to the centre.  If I’m being honest I used a few more to hide any sloppy glue joins!!


Now that you are done, you have to decide where to hang your masterpiece.  I made the quickest and easiest display by making a washi tape “Christmas tree”.  I stuck a few strips of washi tape, each strip longer than the previous to create a general triangle/tree shape.  It turned out really well for little or no effort.  Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together!!  Plus washi tape won’t damage your wall paint, which is always good news.

Have you made any of your own Christmas decorations?  If you do make anything don’t forget to share it with the hashtag #Procrastimake so I can see how great ye are!


5 thoughts on “How to Make an Intricate Christmas Star from Toilet Paper Roll

  1. Great Idea! I am using Quill tape in many colors. My stars will be small, will hang on my porch waving in the breeze. Thank you for this idea. Read all about quilling (books) at ;your library or you=tube, pinterest.

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