Bat Wall Decal DIY: Excellent Backdrop for Halloween or Batman Parties

Here is a quick DIY that you can do on your own or with the kids. It makes a spooky backdrop for Halloween or Batman parties.  I have made a free template for the bats too. There is a Batman and a Halloween bat on the template so you have options!

I can’t believe it’s nearly Halloween.  I tried to stock up for the Trick or Treaters, I bought loads of sweets and nice things.  I hid them in this cupboard, which I call, “the cupboard of crap”, you know the one, everything you don’t know where to put away ends up in it.  I thought this was the safest hiding place.  Nobody looks in the “cupboard of crap” because everything is likely to fall out on top of you.  Yesterday, I realised that everyone had found my stash and were slowly stealing the whole lot!  I only realised when I caught one of them red handed!!  I was going to give out. That’s a lie, I WAS giving out.  Then mid rant it dawned on me, “I wouldn’t mind some chocolate to go with my tea”.  You know what they say, if you can’t beat them, join them.  Note to self; need to go back to the shop to buy more goodies and need to find a way better hiding place!

The bat wall decal DIY came about when I found this roll of chalkboard contact paper that I had bought in the 2 Euro shop.  I am always buying interesting bits and pieces to craft with.  I am trying to craft with things I have rather than adding to the stash.  So far, the success rate of this is pretty low because I keep buying new stuff.  I may have a problem!

I think chalkboard vinyl is amazing, I used it for labels for my storage boxes.  I also made a “blackboard” for my office using the vinyl, some cardboard and pretty duct tape to hide the cardboard edges.  I still had some left over.  So I decided to make this bat wall decal DIY.  I see wall decals everywhere and I love the idea of using them as a backdrop for a party.  I have made a free template that you can download, it has 2 different bats, one Halloween bat and one Batman bat.  So if you are having a Batman themed party or you’ve got a Batman fan in the house they will love this.

If you are worried about them destroying your walls, don’t.  I painted the walls last year, which is code for, if anything takes the paint off, I would be raging.  I  tested the chalkboard vinyl on my walls, they have been up for about three weeks, they come off no problem and the paint is still perfect.

Supplies for Bat Wall Decal DIY

Method for Bat Wall Decal DIY

  1. Print out the free bat template.
  2. Cut out the bat shape.
  3. Put chalkboard contact paper facing down and trace around the bat shape.  Repeat as many times as needed.
  4. Cut out the bats, this is a perfect job for little helpers! Please make sure they don’t cut themselves.
  5. When all the bats are ready, peel off the backing and stick them on the wall.  Make sure to remove any air bubbles as you are sticking them down.
  6. Relax and admire your handiwork.

That’s all there is to this DIY.  As you may have guessed by now, I am a fan of DIYs that are quick and easy.  I hope you like the bat wall decals and if you use it make sure to share a picture with me.  I was just thinking that this would be a cool way to decorate a kid’s bedroom if you were renting, as the vinyl peels off so easily.  They could have their very own bat cave!!

finished bat wall decal DIY 1

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