My name is Jasmine and I am obsessed with crafting, DIY and hacks. I think I always have been РI used to try to sell my drawings to unsuspecting passers-by from the end of our driveway, at the age of 4!

I am also a master procrastinator. My love of DIY and my tendency to procrastinate means that you will always find me experimenting with some creation whenever I have a deadline to meet… Not good!

So, my tendency to procrastinate and my use of crafting as an excuse, is where the idea for Procrastimake came from.

Jasmine from Procrastimake

I don’t feel myself when I don’t craft – even a week without crafting would be unbearable! To be able to craft and actually make a living blogging about it…wow, that would be a dream come true!

I have travelled around the world, twice, with just a small backpack. Well, it started off small but it quickly grew as I just had to invest in craft supplies along the way. Honestly, I learned to crochet and tried Mauri art in Christchurch, painted in Ho Chi Minh city, made floating floral decorations in Thailand, weaved dried grass bracelets in Fiji, beaded in Peru and knotted friendship bracelets across Argentina in a car that kept breaking down!

So I really want Procrastimake to be a home for people that just love to make things, as much as I do!